A common outcome of mergers and acquisitions is that the customers and partners of the acquired company face a lot of uncertainties about product evolution, product support and their own technology roadmap considering this uncertainty. Its also a golden opportunity for competitors of the acquired company to launch an aggressive sales effort of win over the customers of the acquired company. This seems to be the case with Virtual Iron which was recently acquired by Oracle. In the past few weeks, I have talked to a few prospects of ours who are looking for a list of Virtual Iron customers along with the key users of the solution at those accounts. This is a proven strategy that has worked well in the past and will continue to do so in the future as well due to the uncertainty associated with mergers and acquisitions. Companies who recognize this early know that they need to plan a systematic approach to reach out to all the relevant customers of the acquired company within the first two quarters and create a hot opportunity. The key to success lies in high quality and actionable lead data and intelligence which allows them to identify the target accounts and pitch precisely to the decision makers who are exploring alternatives. Do you sell virtualization solutions and services? If yes, have to created a sales & marketing plan targeting Virtual Iron customers?

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