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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Ardath Albee CEO of Marketing Interactions

Our interview series on “How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation” is turning out more exciting with each passing weak and uncovering some really good insights from experts in the B2B marketing and lead generation space. This week we speak to Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions and author of the upcoming book E-Marketing Strategies for…


The Lean Mean Sales And Marketing Machine – Page1

Every company works towards improving their sales and marketing effectiveness. It’s a never-ending process in quest for how to generate better results and in today’s perspective, how to do this more efficiently without exponentially increasing resources to get those better results. The “Lean Mean Marketing And Sales Machine” is going to be a series of…

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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Green Leads President Michael Damphousse

As we continue our quest to uncover more expert insights into how quality marketing data impacts the effectiveness and success of marketing and sales campaigns across businesses we had the good fortune of discussing some of these issues with demand creation and sales 2.0 thought leader Michael Damphousse, President of Green Leads in this interview….

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Have Bad Data Coming Through The Lead Gen Data Pipeline?- Check The Source

There is always data cleansing for fixing a database which is plagued with bad data although anyone who has been through the process knows how tedious and time consuming it could be and would instantly look for ways to prevent having to carry out a large cleansing operation again. Cleansing old and redundant data is…

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B2B Lead Qualifcation- Your Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring Station

We’ve discussed the advantages of setting up a dedicated lead qualification process to help connect with and qualify inbound leads and leads generated from various marketing programs like events, conferences, whitepaper downloads etc. and a recent sequence of events here at the DirectContact brought to light another advantage of having a strong lead qualification process…

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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Database Diva Lori Feldman

We are excited about posting the first of our series of  “How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation” interviews where we’ll talk to prominent btob marketing and lead generation experts to get some of their experiences and their views on marketing data, databases and their role in sucessful lead generation programs. We are just as…


Retaining Existing Customers Vs Acquiring New Customers – Whats Is The Better Strategy?

A great question in this economic climate and something a lot of companies will be debating on as a strategy till things are looking up again. Iain Lovatt of Blue Sheep Limited took this question to the B2B marketing group on Linkedin where it sparked a healthy debate on whether marketing should turn all focus to…

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B2B Lead Generation Using The Big Friendly Giant – Download Our Free Mini Ebook

There is a plethora of marketing and lead generation software applications tools out there. Some of them simple, others loaded with features. Some of them cost a small fortune and others are priced as low as nothing. While large companies can set aside significant technology budgets for their lead generation technology, it doesn’t mean small…

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Building Business Contacts & Leads Lists In Healthcare Companies

The US healthcare pharmaceuticals market is valued at several hundred billion dollars. It’s little wonder that it’s one of the top segments in the sights of a large number of b2b companies eyeing a slice of that pie. When it comes to building a database of healthcare leads and decision makers a custom list building approach is…