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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Ardath Albee CEO of Marketing Interactions

Our interview series on “How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation” is turning out more exciting with each passing weak and uncovering some really good insights from experts in the B2B marketing and lead generation space. This week we speak to Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions and author of the upcoming book E-Marketing Strategies for…

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Our Top 5 Most Challenging B2B Business Contacts To Locate – Can You Beat This?

We’ve been building very specific role based business contact lists for our customers very specific campaign requirements for what seems to be a very long time now. Over this time we have worked with such a range of B2B companies it’s difficult to recall every project undertaken especially for those who had a smaller, one…

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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Green Leads President Michael Damphousse

As we continue our quest to uncover more expert insights into how quality marketing data impacts the effectiveness and success of marketing and sales campaigns across businesses we had the good fortune of discussing some of these issues with demand creation and sales 2.0 thought leader Michael Damphousse, President of Green Leads in this interview….

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Have Bad Data Coming Through The Lead Gen Data Pipeline?- Check The Source

There is always data cleansing for fixing a database which is plagued with bad data although anyone who has been through the process knows how tedious and time consuming it could be and would instantly look for ways to prevent having to carry out a large cleansing operation again. Cleansing old and redundant data is…

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B2B Data Pedia – The Marketing Database Management Dictionary

B2B marketing database management like any other function of an organization has it’s own language and its own terms peculiar to those who use them and sound greek to those who don’t. Data-speak is what you can call it! No matter how vague or complicated any of these words may seem, they all have very…

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Online Advertising Business Contacts – The New Hot Seller

Being involved with business contact list building and managing marketing databases, one gets a glimpse into which are the executives or decision maker contacts that are sought after by companies for their marketing camapigns, VPs of IT, VP’s of Marketing, Directors of Human Resources, CFO’s and Project Managers are just a few of those positions…

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Targeted Marketing Best Practice No 1 – Segment Your Business Contacts Database

Everyone talks about target marketing, improving the focus of their marketing camapigns and going for the personalized marketing approach. There are discussions on how to get efforts more targeted and then people are assigned to overhaul the website to make it appeal to different market segments or decision making levels. Some are assigned to developing…

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How To Un-Complicate BtoB List Building – Targeting Manufacturing Decision Makers & Buyers

When it comes to building lists of decision makers and expanding a marketing database, every vertical comes with it’s unique set of challenges. As a company that builds customized lists of decision makers, we’ve had the opportunity to work across several of these verticals and and been exposed to quite a few challenging ones and…