I was reading a very intriguing post by Andy Hasselwander titled “How To Model Events” which talks about predictive event detection marketing as an area of marketing which will see significant growth over the coming days and years. We already have a number of sales tools available which keeps a track on the news and happenings at certain companies and reports certain events like acquisitions, mergers, new product launches and so on which trigger off business opportunities for other companies who can supply them with what they need as a result of those events. Keeping a close tab on these events gives marketers an edge as they can respond quickly. The quicker you are to respond to an opportunity, the better your chances are of getting there before your competition. However, Andy’s thoughts are based around “What if you could predict an event based on data and know of a business opportunity before it actually happens”. How much would that impact your advantage as a b2b marketer?


It would be a great benefit! If you knew of business opportunities before they exist it would give you a big head start on planning how you can tap that opportunity and have things ready well before it even comes up. This can really take the concept of marketing intelligenece and b2b sales triggers to the next level altogether and use a combination of expert insights and previous data to predict business opportunity in the future to a fair degree of accuracy. Does it sound completely sci-fi? Absolutely not. Financial analysts are in the habbit of using past data and current trends to keep an eye out and predict events that may occur in the future which will have an impact on stocks or investments but as marketers, the view is often more short term and we tend to look at what is currently happening and pick up on those events that are more “now” than try to look ahead too far. After all the practice is to measure results and sales quarterly so perhaps its partly being used to focussing on existing opportunities. Nevertheless it will be really interesting to see how predictive event marketing gets incorporated into technology currently being used by marketers and how it will impact the way we work. This is one exciting thing to keep an eye on!   Its definitely part of the future of marketing.


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