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Targeted Marketing Best Practice No 1 – Segment Your Business Contacts Database

Everyone talks about target marketing, improving the focus of their marketing camapigns and going for the personalized marketing approach. There are discussions on how to get efforts more targeted and then people are assigned to overhaul the website to make it appeal to different market segments or decision making levels. Some are assigned to developing…


Marketing Data Wisdom – If Information Lacks Quality Then Its Not Really Information

If information lacks quality, then it’s not really information Thats what Lou Agosta a principal analyst at Forrester Research said in 2005 for an article which still holds true and will hold true for a long time to come. The news article in in Techtarget titled “Information quality market to reach $1 billion” It’s one…

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16 Percent Of Marketing Budgets Likely To Be Spent On Database & Direct Marketing This Year

Thats right, as much as 16% of the marketing budgets allocated by global B2B companies are reserved for database and direct marketing according to the CMO Council’s “Marketing Outlook 2009” report. The findings of this report was published in a story on BtoBOnline Magazine titled “CMO Council report: Many budgets up” by Kate Maddox.  According to…

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Migrating Your CRM Data? This Could Be Good Time For Data Cleansing

Have you ever moved house where everything you had needs to be moved and looked at it as an opportunity to get rid of what you wont be needing or replace what doesnt work anymore? It’s an almost natural chain of thought when you are moving things to a new setting that you would like…

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Solutions & Applications For Salesforce CRM Data Cleansing

Duplication prevention, de-duplication, data updation, data append, email append, email verification, address validation or junk record removal there are some good applications out there which you can check out which could help you tackle each of these problems and keep your CRM data in check.

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Of Marketing Data Workforces & Tightening Budgets

The interesting thing about the economy slow down and its impact on marketing as well as sales is that it’s driven us all to do more with less. Yes budgets are tightening, recruiting is reducing and the workforces are either downsizing or remaining constant. Sales and marketing quotas? No, they haven’t reduced. They have gone…

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B2B Marketing Data & The Consistency Factor

A lead database is no longer a rolodex. Lead data doesn’t come from standard business cards. Lead sources are plenty and highly varried whether it’s from social media, free trials, whitepaper downloads, landing pages, custom built lead lists, webinar registrations or other sources. Lots of lead sources can mean a lot of leads for your…

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Make A New Years Resolution – Clean Your B2B Data & Drive More Revenue

It’s back to the office and back to work for most of us after the holidays. Its time to kick off the new year with some serious selling and everyone is charged up to drive more revenues this year. If you have been making resolutions for 2009 and any of them involve better practices to…