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Migrating Your CRM Data? This Could Be Good Time For Data Cleansing

Have you ever moved house where everything you had needs to be moved and looked at it as an opportunity to get rid of what you wont be needing or replace what doesnt work anymore? It’s an almost natural chain of thought when you are moving things to a new setting that you would like…

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Solutions & Applications For Salesforce CRM Data Cleansing

Duplication prevention, de-duplication, data updation, data append, email append, email verification, address validation or junk record removal there are some good applications out there which you can check out which could help you tackle each of these problems and keep your CRM data in check.

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B2B Marketing Data & The Consistency Factor

A lead database is no longer a rolodex. Lead data doesn’t come from standard business cards. Lead sources are plenty and highly varried whether it’s from social media, free trials, whitepaper downloads, landing pages, custom built lead lists, webinar registrations or other sources. Lots of lead sources can mean a lot of leads for your…

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Make A New Years Resolution – Clean Your B2B Data & Drive More Revenue

It’s back to the office and back to work for most of us after the holidays. Its time to kick off the new year with some serious selling and everyone is charged up to drive more revenues this year. If you have been making resolutions for 2009 and any of them involve better practices to…

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The Marketing Database Happiness Check – Are You Happy With Your Marketing Database?

Every marketer should be proud of his/her database. It’s not till you actully run into a situation where you wished you needed something more from your data that you actually realize that thiings would have been more efficient “if my data had this” or “if only my data didnt have that”. It’s a good practice…

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Amazons Mechanical Turk – The New Destination For Intelligent Marketing Data Tasks?

Having checked out Mike Damphousse’s blog post Ethics & Wonder/Amazon’s Mechanical Turk/Kiva on his experience getting a data related task done through the new online marketplace, I had a chance to check it out myself and ponder what this means for us as a B2B Marketing Database Management company. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk has been making buzz waves…

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CRM Data Cleansing & Enrichment – Data Management Best Practices

  Your CRM data is probably one of your organizations most valuable assets. Companies can go through great lengths to protect and secure their CRM data but just how much emphasis goes into the quality of the CRM data? Everyone is well aware about the value of their organization’s CRM data and if there was…

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Salesforce Data Cleansing Solutions – For A Spotless CRM

If you are a Salesforce.com user and have an active account with a good amount of data being updated regularly within the CRM, then you would also have noticed the need to have your Salesforce data cleaned. If your sales machine is more efficient by using a great technology platform like Salesforce.com, then bad data…

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Planning A CRM Data Migration? Here Are A Few Quick Tips

Migration from one CRM system to another or even swicthing from managing customer data in spreadsheets to Salesforce.com or some other CRM can be tedious. Once you have your new CRM configured and ready to use, although adding new records that were not previously there is quite simple, shifting previous data into your new CRM…