A strong opinion or statement can invoke an equally strong challenge and thats one of the wonders of blogging. It’s also what just happened today when the marketing team at Hubspot posted a strong email to Stephen Kearney at United State Postal Service insisting direct mail is dying. The message to the USPS spelled out that direct mail marketing is a dying medium and there is no point hanging on the hope that it will help offset their $2.8 Bn losses last year and possibly bigger losses this year. Hubspot cited that high costs, lack of data, availability of plenty of cost effective options and the fact that no one likes to read them as the reasons that direct mail marketing is on its way to a quick and sure demise. I would tend to agree with these points and acknowledge direct mail marketing as a popular medium has declined.

However, readers came to the resuce and made in my opinion, a strong case for direct mail marketing and highlighted why it’s not dead and still a viable marketing tool if used correctly. Just because there are other options available like online marketing, it doesn’t mean that direct mail marketing is completely irrelavant. Whether you use the online medium, telephone or direct mail really depends on your scenario and there are still many of them where direct mail is a good option.

The effectiveness and cost of direct mail has taken a beating over the last years and sometimes due to poor execution. As others have shared, one of the mistakes that people make is sending out direct mailers to unqualified prospects which is a waste of time, money and paper too. Even the most well crafted direct mail which creates interest and prompts response can be ineffective if gets to the wrong receivers. Commenters on the post have left very valuable suggestions on how to leverage the advantages of direct mail marketing and make it work for you. We have just one more for you:-

Invest in qualified, accurate and higher quality direct mail lists

Different marketing tools for different situations. Choose whats best for you. As for direct mail, looks like we can’t call its time of death. Not for now at least.


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