Divide and conquer

Geoff Alexander of Geoff Alexander & Company did a really great post titled “Vertical Marketing: Discovering a new prospect world by reinventing your message” which is a brilliant strategy to focus your sales and marketing efforts on specific verticals that you have had success working with in the past and make the most of that experience. In his post Geoff rightly points out:-

To begin, let’s say that you’ve sold successfully into a company in your territory that operates in the Financial space, and you sell web content management solutions. Believe it or not, you’re now an expert in Content Management for financial companies. So go ahead and determine all Financial companies in your territory, and begin calling them.

This is a strategy we stressed towards the later half of the last year with our own sales and marketing efforts when we decided to run smaller more focussed campaigns targeted at specific verticals that we have worked with before and understand well. We leveraged our experience working with those verticals to come up with a more targeted message for them. We then built landing pages for those verticals for example companies in the computer networking vertical . The next step is to build a list of similar companies and target accounts within that vertical and then locate the business contacts and decision makers within them. If you pick five or six such verticals and build your lead data on them in advance, you can focus on going after each of those one at a time and reach out to them with a message they can relate to and see that you have expertise in this area.

With the right lead data and the right business contacts, this strategy will help you close more customers and also understand which are the verticals which respond best to your products or services. It all starts with a great list! 

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