Now I’m not talking about sitting your dying leads down and giving them a pep talk to help them see the light. When I say “giving your dying leads a new purpose in life” I simply mean “give them that ever so important email address they are missing” and give them some new purpose by putting them back into your lead nurturing cycle.

A lot of customers we have spoken to have leads that they have spent good money generating and they have been lying in CRM’s or spreadsheets over time simply because they were missing an email address and were not of much use within their email nurturing campaigns. Its common to have these leads from conference lists, purchased business lead lists, downloads and other lists and often, after the first contact or call which doesnt yield immediate results, these leads fade away into the background simply because they are missing an email address. While calling leads and qualifying them is great for the ones that are sales ready, the others should go into a nurturing process where they are touched multiple times, periodically, before they are sales ready. However since email address is often the most critical data point for carrying this out, leads without valid working email addresses are often dropped out of the cycle unless you use a suitable email append service which works for you.

Running a simple email append on these records can breathe new life into leads which would otherwise end up just sitting in your CRM database with no real purpose. The process is usually a two step process of identifying the missing email address through research (cost effective but slightly less accurate) or by a calling based method (more expensive but very accurate) followed by an email verification process which ensures whatever method was used to identify them, the end results are working email addresses. The process can be time consuming to execute but the results are certainly worth it and it ensures you are getting the most out of your data.

If you have dying records and leads lying around which are not in your lead nurturing cycle, try an email append solution and give them new purpose. They could be your next customers.



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