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Many marketers advocate benefits of social media marketing over email marketing. But the reality is that Email marketing is old, but is still more efficient and effective than social media marketing. Smart marketers still use email as one the of the pillars of any event or conference marketing program. In B2B world it is the most trusted and widest used marketing tool.

Here are some Email Marketing Facts You Should Know About

  •  Email marketing is regarded as a mainstream tool for promoting a business or enhancing sales in any corner of the world. About 90% email marketing can generate results in less than 48 hours.
  • 147 million people in the U.S. check their emails almost every day.
  • ROI of email marketing is over $583 billion which is considered bigger than Microsoft’s market value. Total revenue from email marketing is sufficient to compensate the entire US National Debt.
  • Total internet users are about 1.9 billion which is larger than the combined population of European Union, the USA and China.
  • When asked which tasks they had carried out in the past week, three-quarters of smartphone owners (74%) said email while just over two-thirds (67%) said search.
  • 75% of customers prefer to be contacted via e-mail than other forms of communications. More than phone calls, direct mail, advertising.
  • While many of the marketers surveyed focus primarily on social media, it was clear that many view Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as just one component of a comprehensive social media strategy. 87% utilize email marketing, 61% invest in SEO, and an additional 59% participate in event marketing.
  • SMBs Spend Twice As Much On Email Marketing Than On Social Media
  • Lack of Mobile Email Optimization May Drive Away Up to 3 in 10 Recipients
  • Email marketing captures an average 15% of SMB marketing budgets
  • Lead Generation: 81% of marketers use email marketing
  • The 2013 Digital Publishing Report, which surveyed 1,003 18-54 year olds, found that 79% of smartphone owners use their device for email compared to 78% who use it for making phone calls
  • 93% of marketers surveyed have made a purchase as a direct result of an email marketing message, compared to 56% of smartphone-owning consumers and 42% of consumers without a smartphone.
  • B2B Marketers Ignore Mobile Email Optimization

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