If you ask any business to business sales person ‘what is the one problem you face more than anything else and would like to find a solution to?’, they will say hitting voicemail box and spending minutes or even hours without actually getting to speak to a decision maker. In fact we resigned to the fact that the only way to get around this is to have more business contacts and make more calls while keeping your fingers crossed that the decision maker will pick up. I’ve been there myself and its a helpless feeling knowing that if there was a way to get to talk to more decision makers in a day, you would have much better results. So when I learned about a solution developed to tackle exactly this while reading Aaron Ross’ blog post “connectandsell 100x roi in generating pipeline!?” I was thrilled thinking “finally a solution to the voicemail box problem!”

Cold calling is an indispensable part of selling and the biggest impact to its productivity is the low availability of decision makers on the phone and spending a lot of precious selling time simply attempting to connect with them. By filtering out voicemail boxes and connecting sales people directly with decision makers using an innovative system, this is exactly what ConnectAndSell have addressed and solved so that your productivity shoots up and you could get more connected calls delivered through every hour than you would if you had to sift through large business contact lists.

One of the reasons we advocated using customized role based business contact lists for cold calling is the ability to have direct contact numbers and extentions for each of the decision makers located so that you can navigate through departments and gatekeepers and maximize your connectivity with decision makers. The downside is that you can still hit a voicemail. I would imagine building a robust, custom business contacts target list and combining it with a solution like ConnectAndSell would help step up the results from cold calling or teleprospecting by more than 100%. It’s worth checking out!

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