If there is one thing we’ve learned about Enterprise systems sales, it’s serious business! Within the realm of technology sales it’s possibly one of the most challenging products and solutions to sell with complex decision making involved, several stakeholders who need to get involved with the decision making process and a long sales cycle. Then there is the entire sub industry which surrounds an enterprise system from providers of additional functionality software, data integration solutions, module building, maintainence and a whole lot more which thrives on a large base of companies which run their daily operations and depend on enterprise resource planning software. SAP is almost synonymous with enterprise software and ERP solutions and if you are a marketer or sales person selling into accounts which run SAP then you would know within each of these organizations lies a little sub organization of those hired to work on SAP.

This group of people become the valuable inner circle of decision makers and influencers of any SAP related purchase decision and knowing who are the possible roles to look for can become critical in being able to reach out to these accounts and connect with them. While calling into companies to locate a SAP contact one has to be more than a little specific given the number of people who can be working around a large implementation. Here are some of the common SAP business contacts by title to help you determine who to reach out to:

  • VP, Enterprise Systems
  • SAP Audit Manager
  • ERP Director
  • SAP Training Manager
  • Senior SAP Consultant
  • VP of Business Intelligence
  • Senior SAP Architect
  • SAP Project Manager
  • VP Enterprise Architecture
  • SAP Business Solution Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • SAP Technical Analyst
  • SAP Payroll Consultant
  • SAP Project Co-ordinator
  • SAP Security Analyst
  • SAP QM Analyst

These are just some of them and each company providing solutions needs just some specific ones who will be primary decision makers for their sales process. Who is your target SAP contact?

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