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Inside Sales Tips – How To Improve Your Connect Rate Through Good Data

“My connect rates are great! I connect with someone 80% of the time when I dial any number off my list!” … Aren’t we missing the point here? How many of those dials end up connecting with the real decision maker at that account? Not as many in several cases. Typical scenarios of an inside…

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How Good Data Turbo Charges Lead Generation: An Interview With Green Leads President Michael Damphousse

As we continue our quest to uncover more expert insights into how quality marketing data impacts the effectiveness and success of marketing and sales campaigns across businesses we had the good fortune of discussing some of these issues with demand creation and sales 2.0 thought leader Michael Damphousse, President of Green Leads in this interview….

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BtoB Email lists – Is Bigger Really Better?

There was a well written post by Robert Vanselow, VP of Sales and Marketing at Newsmax Media titled: “When it comes to e-mail lists, more marketing is better” published on DMNews’ The 2009 DMNews Essential Guide to Lists & Database. The article made some pretty good points and there was just one particular point which I can’t…

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Our Email Marketing Campaign Delivery Rate Was 90% But Was It Really?

Conversation between marketers (names have been modified to protect identities) Kermit The Frog: Just look at these statistics from our last email campaign! They are terrific! 100 percent of the emails we sent went out, 90% were delivered and 40% were opened!  Batman: How many responded or converted into click throughs? Kermit The Frog: Mmmm…

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Whats Your Game Plan For Building Your Own Ad Network?

Paid online advertising to spread the word about your company or product is a significant online marketing strategy. Depending on the size of the company or nature of products and solutions the company is looking to drive traffic for, using Google Ad-words or vertical specific ad sales networks are the quickest solutions to getting an…

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List Building- Targeting Major Software Accounts Leads

Targeting large companies always requires going that extra mile in terms of preparing the pre sales data and sales intelligence which includes knowing the right set of decision makers. When it comes to these larger accounts knowing just one or two high level decision makers is barely enough to crack into them and get discussions…

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Of Marketing Data Workforces & Tightening Budgets

The interesting thing about the economy slow down and its impact on marketing as well as sales is that it’s driven us all to do more with less. Yes budgets are tightening, recruiting is reducing and the workforces are either downsizing or remaining constant. Sales and marketing quotas? No, they haven’t reduced. They have gone…

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Why B2B Marketing Databases & Lead Lists Are Best Served Fresh

More than 30 million people out of the 138 million employed in the US will switch jobs in the next 12 months – Gartner Group Thats what you’ll read in Reachforce’s The B2B Lead Blog post titled Dirty Data — Think Relevance Before Repair . The government reported more grim news about the economy Friday, saying employers…

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Business Contacts & Leads Shopping – Pay Per Use Vs Pay For All?

When it comes to sources of business contacts as leads there are a number of different options. They are among the most valuable commodities in business to business sales and marketing and when you’re out shopping for them, you’ll notice they come in different packages.  Pay once for unlimited use – This is the kind…