Less is More is not a very commonly felt idea as far as a company’s marketing database is concerned. Traditionally, if you built a large marketing database then it seemed like you could market to more people and you could potentially make more money. So everyone is going after ways to build an even larger marketing database using list brokers, rented lists, magazine subscribers, subscription databases with millions of contacts and more.

The problem is, in all this rush, you dilute your definition of your ideal prospect – the specific set of decision makers and their key influencers who have the pain that your company solves. And so what you end up with is a massive database of everyone and their grandmom. And soon it shows in awful campaign response rates, terrible performance of telemarketing teams, sales teams that abandon use of your database and lead quality that is worse than poor.

That’s not all – the biggest problem is you don’t know where to go from here and what to do next. Its a big mess.

The only way to start to recover from such a scenario is to first and foremost change your mindset about your marketing database – it is not supposed to be a dump of every contact you can find for a few cents. It is a laser focused list of highly targeted role-based contacts who are your key decision makers.

Once you get that right, the next is to make sure you follow the “Less is More” mantra, which has worked wonders in all facets of business and life. Think iPod, Basecamp, Dropbox and so many other solutions that we have come to love.

With “Less is More” your stay focused on the business contacts that matter the most and don’t have the urge to add contacts that don’t matter just to make your list larger.

As soon as you do this, the results will speak for itself. Give it a try and let us know what you find out.

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