If you are a Salesforce.com user and have an active account with a good amount of data being updated regularly within the CRM, then you would also have noticed the need to have your Salesforce data cleaned. If your sales machine is more efficient by using a great technology platform like Salesforce.com, then bad data is an issue you need to have a solution handy for to prevent any inefficiencies that it can cause. Luckily, there are a number of solutions out there to evaluate which you can find in the form of a salesforce.com appexchange application which can connect with your SFDC account or a data cleansing service to keep your data healthy. However before we go to the solutions, here are some of the common problems when it comes to salesforce data:

  •  Duplication – possibly one of the most common problems and creates redundancy as well as inaccurate reports
  • Incomplete records – from missing contact details to incomplete mailing addresses or annual revenue figures there are usually several important data points which can be missing and need to be completed
  • Junk Data – inbound web leads with garbage values, data from download campaigns and lists which have junk records, these accumulate within the database and serve no purpose. 
  • Expired Data – contacts who are no longer active, company addresses which have changed, companies which have been acquired or merged. Expired data needs to be updated to be useful again
  •  Unclassified Data – records which have made it into the database without being labeled correctly or allocated to a campaign, a source, owner or category. 
  • Non-Standardized Data – unformatted data with differences in following a standardized nomenclature, currency, address format etc
To find solutions to these issues, you will have to identify which of these are your biggest challenges and use that to determine what you need. The salesforce appexchange applications for data cleansing are technology based and can efficiently take care of problems like standardization, de-duplication and even verification. Here are the links to some of the avaliable applications:
  • Demand Tools 2.0 from CRM Fusion
  • Data Trim Dupe Alerts
  • Active Prime CleanCRM
  • Data Trim by d2b International
  • Strike Iron
  • RingLead Declone by RingLead
However if you are looking to append missing data, research additional information, verify and updated expired data, then a CRM data cleansing service which uses a combination of an automated process as well as people based effort to update these data points as per your requirements. So whichever you narrow down to, evaluate your own challenges and pick what suits your needs.   

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