It’s great to see an SEM campaign that you have recently invested in generate a few hundred or so inbound leads. Just how much of those are really qualified to go into your lead nurturing process or how many of them are sales ready? Its common to see leads generated through online ad clicks go straight to a CRM and enter the lead nurturing stream or get assigned straight away to sales without being qualified or scored. In reality only a small percentage of those hundred odd leads may be qualified leads which are worth following up on. An even smaller percentage maybe actionable sales ready leads which need to be followed up on right away. The rest of the leads that are completely unqualified whould be filtered from the process ahead before they enter the nurture or sales cycle. Here is why you should put in a lead qualification process as soon as they are generated :


  • Unqualified leads will bloat up your lead pipeline and have you believing you have more good leads to work with than you really do
  • Unless the leads are qualified and sorted, you wont know how effective that SEM or online campaign was. Total leads will give you volume of leads generated and only qualified leads which can be used will really give you metrics on how effective it was
  • With more unqualified leads in the funnel, you will end up wasting time and money reaching out or trying to nurture and lead that was not a prospect for your product or service in the first place


So to avoid these pitfalls:
  • Put an inbound lead qualification process in place whether internal or a qualification service
  • Identify qualified leads which need to be cultivated over time, qualified sales-ready leads and unqualified leads
  • Weed out unqualified leads from your pipeline so you dont waste time and money on them
  • Evaluate how effective your SEM campaign was based on the percentage of qualified leads and fine tune till you get better results the next time round
Its that simple!

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