Paid online advertising to spread the word about your company or product is a significant online marketing strategy. Depending on the size of the company or nature of products and solutions the company is looking to drive traffic for, using Google Ad-words or vertical specific ad sales networks are the quickest solutions to getting an online advertising campaign started for the business. Vertical specific ad networks such as Federated Media, Adbrite, Adify and others enable companies to find and distribute their advertisements across numerous networks to focussed online audiences and cater to a number of verticals from travel, food to technology. What if you want to build your own network and connect with some very niche or specific sites? What if you want to link your product or services to these sites and have a special agreement with them?

Building your own ad network for either advertising on a pay per click model or even simply connecting with some prominent sites within your industry or network needs a marketing + sales approach. Once the online publications or sites within the vertical where you’d like to drive traffic from are identified, the next critical step is locating the decision makers for these websites who need to be approached along with contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers. Building this list of the sites you want links from and the key decision makers for those sites is half the battle. From there onwards, it’s about connecting with those who are in charge of advertising and links on the sites through well crafted email messages and followed up by personal calls to put across the proposal you have for either an advertising on their site or perhaps a mutual exchange of links.

This could be a very effective strategy for niche businesses and products such as bio-technology, renewable energy solutions or various others where carrying out an ongoing effort to reach out to popular sites in the area and working out how to partner with them along the way is a sensible investment. Does your company network with others in your vertical? What is your game plan for building a network within your vertical?

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