Telemarketing campaigns are an inherent part of B2B sales and despite some of the difficulties associated with it, it remains one of the most important tools for sales and lead generation for companies everywhere. An effectively executed telemarketing campaign always starts off with an effectively build business contact lists. You’ll often find companies tweaking their sales pitches, adjusting their opening lines, working out objection handling, timing their calling hours and running analytics on results but the target list used was randomly put together from a bunch of different sources or downloaded from an online business contacts database which may not have been ideal for their telemarketing campaign.

An ideal list of contacts for telemarketers should:

  • Have the names of direct decision makers to save the sales persons time and connect to the right person
  • Contacts that have been identified by roles, not title so the sales person need not spend time finding out if they are talking to the right person
  • Should have a direct extension or one-hop number to avoid having to pass through gatekeepers on every attempt to reach the contact
  • An email address at hand should it be better to contact the decision maker via email before or after a call
  • An alternate contact in a similar capacity should the primary contact be unreachable over a number of attempts
  • Any additional information at hand either about the contact or the company which could be useful to know before actually speaking to them

Whether you use a business contacts and sales list building service or build your own customized database remembering these few essential requirements during the list building process will go a long way in making your telemarketing campaign more effective.

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